Our Projects



EcoFeast, our new local project in Canterbury, focuses on reducing food waste by bringing students together to learn cooking and baking from the elderly using surplus food from supermarkets. We aim to organise a monthly meal where volunteering students will help prepare a meal for the homeless in Canterbury.

Team Leader: Sophia Gagliardi
Email: ecofeast@enactuskent.com


MyStreets, our local project in Canterbury, is training previously homeless individuals to serve as tour guides and give tourists their unique perspective of the city of Canterbury. We aim to re-integrate them into society whilst providing employability skills and work experience. 

Team Leader: Camilla Ekanger
Email: mystreets@enactuskent.com




Our international project Cantuta, in Peru, is bringing the socially isolated elderly community together through our soap and honey enterprise by teaching them new skills, providing an additional source of income and helping them build social links in the community. 

Team Leader: Queenethe Alade
Email: cantutakent@gmail.com

Project Incubation 

Our project incubation team helps develop new project ideas before they officially launch as full fledged volunteer projects.

Team Leader: Jack Warner
Email: projectsvp@enactuskent.com