Our Projects



EcoFeast, our local project in Canterbury, focuses on bringing students and the elderly together over a shared passion for food, for the benefit of both communities. Willing students will pay to learn the art of cooking and baking from elderly individuals each week, providing a weekly interaction for the elderly to reduce levels of loneliness. The 'eco' in the name comes from the ingredients sourced for the cookery courses, which will be surplus supermarket food, reducing food waste.

Team Leader: Abdullah Fawaz Karim Location: KS3
Email: ecofeast@enactuskent.com Time: 4pm - 5pm


Through Sakhee, our international project  in India, we plan to train women to produce and sell affordable sanitary products in schools and community centres in Seelampur, an urban village where women find it hard to access quality sanitary products because of high prices. 
We aim to provide the women with production and business skills, a steady income and access to affordable sanitary products to improve their menstrual health and hygeine.

Team Leader: Manpreet Sahora Location: KS6
Email: projectsakhee@gmail.com Time: 4pm - 5pm



Project Incubation 

Our project incubation team helps develop new project ideas before they officially launch as full fledged volunteer projects.

Team Leader: Immanuelle Okwedy
Email: projectsvp@enactuskent.com